• Modern Construction means peace of mind for years to come.

Newly built homes
are backed by a home warranty that
could protect
you for up to 10 years.

Higher resale value

Newer homes have higher resale value and appreciate more.

Without a warranty, your
replacement cost for

  • Kitchen appliances are $2,500

  • A HVAC system is $5,000

  • Water heater is $2,000

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Newly built homes are wired for the latest electronic technology, making entertainment convenient.

Modern construction has many benefits.

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  • Modern building materials are sustainable and safer.

  • New roofs carry up to a 50-year warranty and reduce energy bills.

  • New housewrap materials expel moisture and reduce risk of mold and structure damage.

  • Today’s trusses are stronger, lighter and more efficient.

  • Super-efficient windows cut heating and cooling COSTS by up to 50%.

Control your
newly built
home with
the touch
of a button.

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New, integrated technologies, controllable from a phone or tablet, allow you to dim lights, see who’s at your front door and even hear your favorite music anywhere in the house.

Newly built homes
have modern safety

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  • Security lighting

  • Latest security

  • Better fire

  • Tempered glass

  • Stricter

Newly built homes use modern materials that don’t pose the health risks of materials used in older homes.

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  • Top health concerns of
    older homes include:


  • Top health concerns of
    older homes include:


  • Top health concerns of
    older homes include:

    Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Top health concerns of
    older homes include:

    Lead Paint

Top health concerns of
older homes include:

Modern construction means peace of mind for years to come.

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Take a deep breath. An unconditional guarantee means peace of mind for years to come. Your new home will be built from the ground up to your specifications, with superior materials, expert craftsmanship and a new home warranty.

Modern Construction

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Modern construction materials are far superior.

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  • Energy-saving roofs Come with 25+
    year warranty.
  • Breathable membrane housewrap Allows for air circulation while keeping water and mold out.
  • Radiant Barrier Insulation Resists heat flow and seals a home’s envelope for increased comfort.
  • Engineered foundation
    & frame Better withstand severe weather events and keep a home quieter.

So far today,

owners of used homes have had to replace their water heaters.

  • Many newly built homes are backed with an appliance manufacturer warranty.

Used home repair costs add up quickly.

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  • A new roof costs the same as 7 luxury cruises
    for a family of 4.

  • A new heater costs the same as 7 designer bags.

  • A burst pipe that floods your home costs the same as 1 year of tuition at
    a state university.

Cost-savings calculator

Buy a newly built home and you could be protected by a new home warranty until

December 12, 2028

So far this year, used homeowners have spent about


More on repairs and maintenance than owners of newly built homes.