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You don't want to feel stuck where you live, and we didn't want to feel stuck doing home-buying the same old way - searching mindlessly for home after home, leaving your fate up to realtor offerings, or settling for a place that doesn't align to what you dream.

We started with the idea "what if you could buy a home from the inside out?" In other words, what if you could fall in love with a home simply because you can picture yourself living there? This idea expanded beyond new construction home buying, into something that should inspire and guide you to your perfect interior, for every room of your house.

For new home buying, we showcase a full inventory of beautiful construction homes. Move-in ready homes and brand new communities are represented through the same love-an-image interface. We do that to learn more about what you love, deliver more personal style results, and to allow you direct buyer access to the homes of your dreams.

HomLuv learns the styles you love to see in each space of your home. Your LuvLingo will make you sound like a design expert. Everyone has different needs for their bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and more. Being able to describe accurately how you want to live, through the simplicity of your LuvLingo, will make you a smarter shopper.

We want to simplify the process of loving where you live. That's why we offer planning tools, tips, and quizzes that make the experience more fun and less daunting than typical real estate sites.

HomLuv knows there's more to the experience than just looking and buying. You have to live there! Why not make it perfect?

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