• Spend your time and money the way you want.
  • Average cost of a
    bathroom remodel


  • Average cost of
    a deck addition


  • Average cost of a
    kitchen remodel


  • Average cost of a
    family room addition


  • Average cost of a
    basement remodel


Cost-savings calculator
Time savings calculator

Higher resale value

Newer homes have higher resale value and appreciate more.

Without a warranty, your
replacement cost for

  • Kitchen appliances are $2,500

  • A HVAC system is $5,000

  • Water heater is $2,000

Lower homeowner’s insurance

Save up to15% on yourhomeowner’sinsurancewith a new home


Owners of newly built homes generally pay lower taxes over the first two years.

How to enjoy the time
you’ll save by buying a
New Home

  • Learn to golf

  • Bake a soufflé

  • Try Extreme Knitting

  • Go Camping with the kids

Used home repair costs add up quickly.

See how
  • A new roof costs the same as 7 luxury cruises
    for a family of 4.

  • A new heater costs the same as 7 designer bags.

  • A burst pipe that floods your home costs the same as 1 year of tuition at
    a state university.

Annual maintenance

A 10-year-old home will cost approximately 580% more in annual maintenance and improvement than a newly built home.

Upkeep costs

Average monthly home upkeep costs:

$25 New vs $100 used

Spend your time and money the way you want.

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Because it’s been built specifically for you, a newly built home allows you to spend your time and money the way you want. There’s nothing to repair or re-do. Just sit back, relax and enjoy a home that’s truly your own.

What’s on your want-to-do list?
What will you do with the
time and money you save on
a new home?

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One of these water heaters in a used home is about to fail.
Can you tell which one?

Faulty water heater #1Faulty water heater #2


there isn’t a right answer because you can’t tell. That’s the problem with buying a used home—you may get hit with expensive repairs.

Used homes cost more than you think.

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  • Washer & Dryer: $2,500
  • Roof: $15,000
  • Water Heater: $2,000
  • HVAC System: $5,000