Legos May Be the Missing Piece of Fabulous Your Home Needs

By Christopher Smith

Your children can decorate the furniture over and over thanks to these Lego-compatible cabinets.

Photo: Courtesy of Studio NINE

If you’re a parent and a homeowner, you know that one of the main struggles that you potentially face is maintaining your furniture against the onslaught of your darling children. Because, let’s face it, kids are playful and creative. That’s what you encourage, and sometimes you’ll join in.

But sometimes, they may wind up exerting those traits around your home in ways that make you want to add a little extra pinot to your glass in the evenings. For instance, how many times have your feet suffered the wrath of loose Lego building bricks lying in wait on the floor?

Well, an Italian interior design company has created Lego-compatible furniture that can (hopefully) keep those evil bricks off the floor and allow your children to create to their heart’s content.

You read that correctly. Lego. Compatible. Furniture.

The popular toys have experienced a resurgence of popularity in the past decade, and the love for Legos doesn’t stop with children. Believe it or not, there’s actually a rising number of grown fans known as AFOL (Adult Fans of Legos) who have expressed this love in different ways. Some have taken to incorporating displays of minifigures and playsets within their home, and Lego has been a key inspiration for other recent artistic installations.

The Italian firm Studio NINE has taken up the mantle of creating something that works with these building bricks. Enter the Stüda collection.

The Stüda collection consists of modular furniture pieces designed by Paolo Emilio Bellisario of Studio NINE and manufactured in collaboration with a fellow Italian furniture design house, Moow. The modules are covered with the same studs that are found on Lego bricks as well as the baseboards for the playsets, thus the name.

The primary materials in each module are wood and Corian. You’ll note that Corian is the same surface material that’s in many kitchen countertops and it’s fairly easy to clean. That means that you won’t have to worry about any sticky mishaps being a permanent fixture on these pieces.

The studded surfaces encourage kids—and their parents—to use Legos to add their touch anywhere on these pieces, including attaching frames, tiny vases, or mini-homes. The modules are ideal for a corner of the living room or as a fun storage addition to your child’s bedroom. Their overall design and durability means that with proper care, you could see these modules keeping your Lego fans of all ages engaged for years and years to come.
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Christopher Smith is a freelance writer when he’s not sampling the best cuisine in his hometown of New York City. Prior to that, he worked in film and television post-production, and counts the honor of working with Eartha Kitt among his milestones.

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