How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space

By Sarah Kinbar Ristorcelli

Patio Outdoor Living Elements - Sarah Ristorcelli

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Photo: Sarah Kinbar Ristorcelli

Fit It All In

Even a modestly sized patio can accommodate major outdoor living elements. Designed by Puck Erickson of Arcadia Studio, this back patio incorporates a grill, elevated bar table with built-in stools and deep seating.

A. Silvestri “Alfresco” planters complement the modern look and bring greenery to the patio. Puck approached the design “with a strong sense of aesthetic discipline and restraint,” which is evident in the overall result, which is clean, contemporary and never fussy.

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Sarah Kinbar Ristorcelli is a writer and former magazine editor with a focus on the way people experience designed spaces. Her stories for national and local publications feature the innovations in technology, materials, and design that shape the way we live.

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