First Christmas in Your New Home

By Shannon Wilson

One great way to bring the holiday spirit to your new home is to invest in some new festive decorations that you truly love.

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’Tis the season to welcome in your new home! Now that you’ve gotten through Thanksgiving without (hopefully) burning the turkey, it’s time to dive right into the Christmas season! Here are some tips to make your family’s first Christmas in your new home the best yet.

Buy new decorations

Sure, you can bring over all the same decorations to your new home, but why not add some new ones to the mix? Chances are your new home has features your old one didn’t have— extra windows, a fireplace, more space in the front yard. Buy some new Christmas lights, garland for the mantel and an inflatable or light-up sculpture of a deer or angel for the front yard.

If you have moved into a two-story home for the first time, you’ll need to figure out how to safely get your lights on the roof. Find a company that does professional Christmas light hanging in your area to do it for you.

Alternatively, you could figure out a safe way to put the lights up yourself. Make sure you purchase a sturdy ladder and have someone to spot you as you hang the lights.

Find holiday activities in the area

Perhaps you’re in a new home and a new city — that means new traditions. Maybe you and the kids went ice skating at the local mall every year at your old house. More than likely, you can find a new ice skating park or rink in your new city to continue the tradition.

“But what if I can’t continue all of my old traditions?”

Make some new ones! A quick Google or Facebook search of your new town can bring up many events being held during the holidays. Many cities hold the following or similar events:
  • A local tree lighting ceremony.
  • Christmas parades. Some are held on Christmas Day, but others run throughout the month of December. Find one that fits your family’s schedule.
  • A Christmas concert or caroling.
Send ‘We Moved!’ Christmas cards

Highlight the biggest change your family made this year on your Christmas cards. Take photos of your family in front of your new home that’s decked out for the holidays and don’t forget to send cards early enough so everyone knows your new address.

Personalize a first Christmas ornament
You’ve probably made an ornament for your child’s first Christmas, so why not make one for your new home? Personalize your ornament to mark the occasion.

Throw a Christmas party at your new house

If you’re the type to find any excuse to throw a party, ringing in the first Christmas in your new home is a perfect reason to throw a housewarming party. Invite your new neighbors, along with your friends and family, so you can show off your new home. Make holiday-themed treats like chocolate bark, and who knows, maybe you’ll find a fellow neighbor to exchange recipes with.

The most important takeaway is to spend time with your family during the holidays. So no matter how you end up spending your first Christmas in your new home, make sure you enjoy it with the ones you love.
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