Beat the Winter Blues with These Color Choices

By Julia West


A pop of orange adds a cozy touch to your home during those cold winter months.

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During the winter months, our environment becomes darker and drearier. The sun sets earlier and the weather becomes colder. The lack of sunlight makes for a dark home and the weather makes us more inclined to stay inside.

Because we are more confined to our homes during the wintertime, it is important to pop some color back into our lives to beat the winter blues!

Interior designer Dawn D. Totty says that “creating a fresh and pleasant living environment will make a tremendous positive impact on our state of mind.

There has been so much research on the study of the psychology of color and its effect on our mood and even well-being to support the tremendous importance of creating a comfortable, yet, uplifting living and working environment.”

Because winter months can easily make you feel down, it’s time to turn the colors up!

Here are a few things to consider when creating a bright and warm home for the wintertime.

Why Change the Colors in Your Home During Winter?

We change our fashion for each season, so why not our homes too?

“It’s easy to become apathetic about your home in the colder months. Freshening up your decor can help you enjoy your space despite weather that isn’t ideal,” says Jim Kabel, owner of Case Design in San Jose, Calif.

You spend more time at home during winter, so creating an inviting and fun space will do wonders for you mentally and emotionally.

“Many people suffer from less energy and a depressed emotional state during the winter,” Kabel says.

New York city interior designer Isabella Patrick agrees. “Good design can be appreciated actively, but often affects us subliminally,” she says. “Good design creates balance, comfort and function, allowing you to use your home or space easily and effectively.”

How and Where?

Even if you don’t have a lot of spare time and money to devote to changing your home, little changes can make a big difference.

Bringing in color to a room is easy with textures and fabrics. Accessories such as throw pillows and blankets can brighten up a room and create a warmer atmosphere. Nothing is cozier than a fluffy blanket and soft pillow! Some amazing wintertime fabrics include velvet, heavy knits and flannel.

Lighting is also a great way to add extra warmth to your space. Add in an extra side table lamp, wrap white Christmas tree lights around bannisters or across mantels or even light a fireplace! These extra sources of light will create a beautiful, warm glow within your home.

If you desire a bigger change in your home (perhaps as a refresh for the New Year), you can repaint walls or replace furniture. A colorful accent wall or a new sitting chair in the living room can transform and energize the space.

What Colors are in Style This Winter?

So, you have decided that your space needs a little pop of color. But what colors do you go for?

Interior decorator Susan Keefe says that she is seeing homeowners make bolder choices when it comes to color, embracing richer natural colors like rust, emerald and blush.

Interior designer Rainey Richardson agreed that “blush pink, dark colors, and emerald greens” are “in” this year.

Agreeing that rust is a popular choice, Kabel adds, “Warm tones in the orange and caramel family are in style for this winter. They add warmth and also have a certain richness that makes you happy to stay inside and bundle up.”

What Colors Pair Well with Traditional Holiday Colors?

With the holiday season come festive decorations, pumpkins, pine trees, and more! What colors can you add to your home to spice things up without clashing with the holiday decor?

Patrick suggests “tones of yellow and gold, cooler tones of aqua and deeper tones of red like burnt red or cranberry.”

Adding colorful touches around your home can make the season seem less drab and cold. Investing in these little changes is so worth it. Get out your terracotta blankets, flip on the lamps and get cozy!
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