5 Outstanding Outdoor Furniture Pieces You Can Buy From Etsy

By Christopher Smith


You can find rustic metal fire pits, similar to the one pictured above, on Etsy to give you new home extra flair. Exterior image from floor plan Chino by Village Builders in Lakeway, TX.

Photo: Village Builders

When temperatures start to rise, you know what that means? It's time to get cracking on planning some absolutely fabulous parties in your yard. But as is the case with outdoor furniture, you may have some pieces that lost their luster around the same time that Mariah Carey's voice did, too.. If you pride yourself on hosting great parties, you want outdoor furniture that not only declares your personal style, but announces it with flair.

With that in mind, Etsy just might be the shopping destination for you. The e-commerce website that specializes in handmade and vintage items has built up quite an impressive furniture section with thousands of listings available from sellers across the country. And, to add even more temptation, many of the options include free U.S. shipping.

Here are five outstanding pieces of outdoor furniture that’ll prompt you to click “add to cart” in a hurry so you can set up an outdoor space worthy of your Snapchat account.

1. Adirondack Chair 

These outdoor chairs made by the Kentucky Stick Chair company evoke warmth at first glance. The chairs are made from solid pieces of yellow pine lumber, and each of the 28 slats are cut from the lumber, sanded, and then assembled. You can order these chairs in a small variety of finishes, or unfinished, if you prefer. They’re very sturdy and once temperatures drop, these chairs can easily be folded up and stored away until warmer, happier days return.

2. Outdoor Fire Pit Rings  

Fire pits are a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, and this product made by Burning Concepts Inc. is no exception. These rings are made from 10-gauge steel with a keen rust finish, and their weight clocks in at about 60 pounds each. They’re made not only for at-home use, but can also be taken on the road if you’ve got an outdoor adventure ahead. The focal point of these fire pit rings is the handcrafted scene depicted within—you can choose from four designs. You can even order from a selection of five sizes, up to 42 inches in diameter.

3. Wooden Patio Table 

This table from Little Bears Design will certainly liven up your frozen rosé parties once summer gets into full swing. Made from wood, the highlight of table lies in the built-in cooler compartments. Each cooler can hold up to four bottles of wine and comes with an insert to fill the space when the compartment isn’t in use. The manufacturer can add a stain color if requested or leave it untouched with a natural finish. The neat thing about this table is that its style can mesh with any other pieces of outdoor furniture you may be looking at without looking out of place.

4. 1121 Wine Barrel Fire Pit  

Bring a vineyard touch to your outdoor space with this fire pit that’s specially crafted from an authentic wine barrel. Built by NapaEast, the fire pit uses the wooden staves from the barrel for the base and highly finished slate to form the top exterior ring. It stands two feet tall with a three-foot diameter. You’ll need to supply the propane tank, but once everything is going, it will be a fine centerpiece for your patio.

5. A-Frame Porch Swing  

This porch swing will certainly give your patio or deck a warm country air. Made by Nashville Swings, the swing is four feet long and six-and-a-half feet tall overall. It’s constructed from rich pine wood, can be customized with four colors, and is available in sizes up to seven feet in length. It can easily hold up to four people and will make for many pleasant moments shared with you and your loved ones.

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