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New homes in the Wilmington, North Carolina area offer stunning living rooms. The open, bright floor plans create a great space for entertaining guests. The light paint colors add to the bright, airy feel. The windows in the living room provide large amounts of natural light. The living rooms are the perfect place to sit back and relax. Enjoy watching your favorite television or movie in your comfortable, new living room!

If you want to buy a home for sale in Wilmington, you do not have to remodel the place before you move in. 6 trusted homebuilders have 60 new homes available with thoughtful layouts, designed for modern living. Older houses in Wilmington typically have maze-like layouts stuffed full of cramped rooms that could double as time capsules for the 80s. However, the spacious and open living rooms in new homes actually start in the kitchen. Many of these plans have a comfortable breakfast bar or nook that flows effortlessly into a dining space and living room. These open living solutions make it easy to have your family and friends over for good times and good company. Using HomLuv, you can narrow down the homes for sale in Wilmington to include only the plans that have the right living solutions for your lifestyle. The diversity of plans ensures you’ll not only see small living room ideas, but also great room design inspiration. As you scroll through the pictures of beautiful living rooms below, Luv the images you like best to save them and further tailor your search results. HomLuv will help you find the perfect home plan for you, starting by showing you living areas you Luv.

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