Kitchens can be the center of life for many homes. It’s where we enjoy our morning coffee, grab a snack, make conversation over dinner, or prepare for holidays and parties. Kitchens have a unique design hurdle since they often include permanent counter-tops and large appliances not meant to be rearranged. Once you decide on the layout for your kitchen, you will be locked into those decisions more firmly than any other room in your home. Don't be afraid to take your time! For many, the kitchen is the room that most reflects the lifestyle of the home owner. Do you see it as a purely functional space you barely spend time in? Do you live in there most of your evening getting lost in wild culinary experiments? Here you will find inspiration for every facet of your kitchen, from full layouts and decorating schemes that can inform your LuvLingo to individual items available for immediate purchase. Browse to your heart's content and build the vision of your dream kitchen!

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Kitchen Trends