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Whether you choose to have a kitchen with deep brown tones or bright white tones, these kitchens of Jacksonville-St. Augustine area are fitting for the sunshine state. Each of these kitchens is able to astound and brighten the room in unique ways; with a pop of light colors being enhanced with perfect lighting from windows or overhang lighting. If you choose the natural dark wood cabinetry, then the light toned granite countertops still give that wooded beach feeling to these wonderful kitchen spaces.

The layouts of new homes have changed to reflect modern living needs – especially in the kitchen. Kitchen designs have transformed from cramped spaces tucked away from the rest of the house into open space entertaining areas. When you buy a new home in [CityName] you are investing in your dream home and dream kitchen. The thoughtful layouts of the 462 new homes prominently feature airy, modern kitchens. Home shoppers can further customize these beautiful spaces to reflect everything from their preferred countertop and cabinet options to energy-efficient appliances. Anyone who loves scrolling through Pinterest for kitchen design inspiration will love using HomLuv to find their dream home. With HomLuv, you can look at beautiful new kitchens, and gather inspiration for small kitchen solutions, kitchen island designs, kitchen backsplash trends, and more! The perfect kitchen that fits your lifestyle is on HomLuv, and the home plans in [CityName] will make that obvious. As you explore the new home kitchens in [CityName], Luv your favorite images. This helps tailor HomLuv search results to better fit your style, and creates a personalized list of home plans that actually contain your dream kitchen.

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