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High-End Branded Residences Rev Up Buyers

High-end companies like Porsche and Armani are working with developers to create branded luxury residences for discerning buyers who want to be surrounded by the quality design features and services these brands are known for.

By Michele Lerner


The Latest Advances in Smart Appliance Technology

The Internet of Things allows consumers access to appliances and other devices via their smartphone, tablet or computer, and now even voice commands. As smart home tech advances, consumers will find appliances and devices that will make their lives easier and their homes more comfortable.

By Roy Diez


Texture Is Trending in Home Fabrics

Finding fabrics you love can help you define a room’s style and color palette. We’ve got the latest fabric trends to inspire your home décor plan.

By Trisha Ferguson


What Makes Modern Design ‘Modern’?

What is modern design, exactly? Typically it means clean lines, open spaces, indoor-outdoor flow, and natural materials, but top architects and designers are putting their own spin on what modern means.

By Marcie Geffner


15 Must-Have Smart Kitchen Appliances for New Homeowners

Having a new home means having the latest smart home tech too! If you’re just dipping your toe into the smart home market, here are some suggestions to get started with in your kitchen. They’ll make life in the kitchen a little easier and much more fun.

By Danielle Small


Smart and Stylish Bathroom Trends

Trends are great ways to keep your bathroom looking fresh and stylish. But, we’ve got smart and stylish trends that are timeless, so you can spend more time enjoying your space.

By Jamie Gold


7 Nursery Design Trends to Watch in 2018

Deciding on a theme for your baby’s nursery can be a daunting task, because the options are endless. Whether you want comfy and cozy or a more modern, grown-up look, these seven nursery design trends for 2018 will be sure to inspire.

By Ana Connery


Adding A Vintage Vibe To Your New Build

Even if you’re building a new home, it doesn’t necessarily have to feel new. Adding a vintage vibe can create a timeless and cozy atmosphere, giving your brand new house a well-lived-in feel right from the start.

By Ashley Freeman