Top 5 Kitchens in DC’s New Homes Under $210,000

By Sanda Brown

Top 5 Kitchens in DC’s New Homes Under $210,000

 Washington, D.C., actually has affordable new homes for sale—all with fabulous kitchens full of the hottest design trends. HomLuv found the top 5 kitchens in new D.C. homes for sale that cost less than $210,000. You can have fun exploring this kitchen candy and getting closer to making your dream home a reality.

1. The Litchfield II by Dan Ryan Builders 
Litchfield II
The Litchfield II’s kitchen is a charming space that will be your happy space in your new home. Dark cabinets and a breakfast bar highlight this open gallery kitchen with walnut floors and granite countertops. You will love making your loved ones’ favorite meals in this stylish kitchen.

2. The Mozart Plan with Garage by Ryan Homes
Mozart Plan
Ryan Homes’ hardworking kitchen gives you a functional cooking space and long breakfast bar that creates a social space. White cabinets and light-colored granite countertops help create an airy atmosphere, aided by lots and lots of sunshine from floor to ceiling windows in the dining space.

3. The Willow Croft Plan by Del Webb
Willow Croft Plan
If you’re looking for an exciting place to enjoy your retirement, you will love Del Webb’s Willow Croft Plan. This home’s beautiful kitchen gives you a trendy, all-white space, with plenty of cabinets and counter space for effortless cooking and entertaining.

4. The Drake III by JBG Builders
Drake III
JBG Builders has designed a beautiful kitchen in their Drake III Plan. This sleek kitchen has beautiful wide cut plank flooring that contrast beautifully with a white central island that helps bring your loved ones into your cooking space, making it welcoming and social.

5. The Lauren Plan by Panhandle Homes
Lauren Plan 
The Lauren Plan offers home shoppers a kitchen with a functional layout that makes cooking fun and easy, and brings your loved ones into the cooking space to enjoy tasty food and to chat with the cook. Luxurious features like granite countertops and a tile backsplash make this kitchen as pretty to look at as it is to cook in.

Do you love the kitchens in Washington, D.C.’s affordable homes? Make sure you save the kitchens that speak to you, so HomLuv can help you find the perfect home and kitchen that fit your lifestyle. Check out more inspiring HomLuv kitchens today!

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