The Revolution of Reclaimed Home Furniture Thanks to Etsy

By Christopher Smith

Furniture made with reclaimed wood, from coffee tables to storage cabinets, can add a natural touch to your home. The Hampton floor plan at Heritage Preserve in Conway, SC.

Photo: Centex Homes

Some may look at getting new furniture for their home as a chore, but you? You see it as a challenge.

You’re not easily swayed by kitschy local commercials, and you’re definitely not interested in the sedate furnishings others have gotten so accustomed to seeing from different chains. Even IKEA seems a little more mainstream these days with their wares. And of course, you’ve got an eye toward finding something that won’t hurt both your budget and the environment.

Fear not, stylistic home designer—these days, you can get the home furniture pieces that are fabulous in function and form from a surprising place: Etsy. As the journalist and indie craft show organizer Grace Dobush put it in a piece for WIRED magazine, “Modern craft would not be as hot as it is without Etsy or something like it.” The website has grown in leaps and bounds from offering small handmade accessories to now boasting a hefty selection of furniture pieces, some of which have been reborn into truly captivating and sometimes quirky pieces. Here’s five eye-catching selections that we recently discovered on Etsy.

Pull Apart Ski Chairs

If you’ve envied the aesthetic of skiing hotspots like Sun Valley and Stratton, then these chairs from Our Whimsical Garden might be something to pique your interest. The chairs are manufactured with recycled skis and are sturdy enough for comfortable seating. They’re a nice item for apartments whether you’re having a nice soiree or just need extra chairs with some pop for family gatherings. These ski chairs are also easy to store—you just pull them apart to make them flat enough for your storage space.

Industrial Style Coffee Table

For some people, tables in the home take the status of being conversation pieces. And this next entry certainly qualifies. The core of this unique table is a former sprocket that was in a bulldozer drive. The creator thoroughly cleaned the sprocket and finished it off with a wax that allows it to retain a look that instantly screams “steampunk” at first glance. Reclaimed fence posts serve as the legs of the table, and the glass is four millimeters thick which ensures a rather formidable surface. The manufacturer, KayJay Studios, is based in the United Kingdom, but does offer shipping.

Triangle Book Shelf 

Bookshelves don’t always have to be devoid of flair, and the WanderandWood Company provides a strong example with their own shelf set that has a snazzy appeal. Their triangle bookshelf is made wholly from reclaimed wood, and its geometric design allows it to be a great complementary element to your overall design scheme. Those interested can opt for four different colors—black, walnut, early American and washed gray. The company can also customize the lengths to your liking beyond their standard production lengths.

Elephant Side Table

The name of this next piece of furniture might be inspired by the way the staggered wood panels are arranged to resemble the head of an elephant. The table is handcrafted with an eye toward modern design aesthetics and uses a mass of cut-off pieces that are built around a polished two-way mirror. The table from the vintage design shop CommeUn checks in at 18 inches in length and 23 inches in height, and the overall design definitely has that bohemian abstract vibe you’d find on at least one Pinterest board. The natural wood grain also varies within the table, making this a chic addition to the living room.

Old Grapevine Table 

This entry on the list is fascinating due to the main component. The table, known as “Alionza,” is crafted from a number of grapevines from California’s Napa Valley vineyards. The vines themselves are reclaimed, then shaped and polished before being positioned in a way to achieve the most striking effect. A notable aspect is that these vines range in age from 60 to over 100 years old, but they still retain all of their sturdiness. The base of the table is 18 inches tall and supports a glass top up to 48 inches in length, which makes it an ideal surface for your next moment of merriment with merlot.

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Christopher Smith is a freelance writer when he’s not sampling the best cuisine in his hometown of New York City. Prior to that, he worked in film and television post-production, and counts the honor of working with Eartha Kitt among his milestones.

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