Texture Is Trending in Home Fabrics

By Trisha Ferguson

Modern geometric patterns and textured fabrics add dimension to this interior designed by Kelsey Grose of Farmer’s Daughter Interiors.

Photo: Candace Schwartz of Jackson Designs Photography

Once you’ve found your new home and the boxes are emptied (or at least out of sight), it’s time for the fun part: decorating. As you plan the décor for your new rooms, do what the pros do and start with the fabrics. Home textiles provide great inspiration for designing a space — and frequently anchor a designer’s mood board. Finding fabrics that you love will help you define your room’s style and color palette.

Fabric selection plays a key role in the overall design of a space and is a source of inspiration, says designer Denise Wenacur of Croton, N.Y.-based DW Design & Décor. 

Here are some of the hottest new fabric directions to look for in home furnishings and window treatments as you plan your interior.

Dimension Is Key

Chunky weaves, textured fabrics and visual dimension are dominating new textile introductions. A variety of these hand-woven looks debuted at the June Showtime fabric market in High Point, N.C., and reflect the “beautifully imperfect” aesthetic popular in today’s interior design.

“This season, many of our new fabrics offer great texture and dimensionality,” says Ann Reynolds, vice president of design for Valdese Weavers. “We’ve created a variety of styles, ranging from global to traditional, that feature a handwoven look and weave interest that’s very tactile and touchable. We’re seeing this artisanal hand-crafted look gain momentum and expect it to be a solid design direction in home décor.”

Fresh looks imitating hand-made quilts, embroidery and French knots are making their way to retail stores and homes. Flat and metallic yarns are being used to create a new level of pattern and surface interest with mixes of matte and shine. The resulting “crafted” aesthetic is then fine-tuned to fit a variety of design styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Texture Enlivens Neutrals

“Lately, I've been working on projects that stick close to my design aesthetic of incorporating natural materials and organic-feeling characteristics wherever possible,” says Kelsey Grose of Farmer’s Daughter Interiors. “I find myself gravitating towards textured fabrics in warm ivory, soft blues and sage greens, which also work great with warmer woods, another one of my favorites. I'm using patterned fabrics in anything from wide, beach-y stripes to more abstract designs with a painterly effect and find that cottons and linens with a woven feel are the perfect way to add warmth and interest to my projects.”

Designer Kelsey Grose’s current fave fabrics include Teton and Dune Stripe from Schumacher.

“Our clients are requesting tranquil color palettes for their interior design, so textured fabrics are important to keep the space interesting,” says Denise Wenacur of Croton, N.Y.-based DW Design & Décor [insert link: http://denisewenacur.com]. “We’re seeing many embroidered linen fabric options lately and think it gives our projects an elegant alternative to printed fabrics while maintaining visual interest. Geometric patterns also continue to be a favorite in our project solutions.” 



Embroidered fabrics and textured materials are essential for creating visual interest in a room — particularly one with a neutral palette, says designer Denise Wenacur.

What’s Old Is New

Also making an impact in textile design is a rediscovery of the classics. Florals continue their popularity and are reimagined with blurred edges, heavy distressing and patterned backgrounds. Watercolor designs remain on-trend and have expanded to include a variety of hand-painted interpretations. Geometrics and menswear looks continue to be strong and are appearing as backgrounds in more layered designs. Classic motifs such as paisley, flame stitch, herringbone and medallions feel refreshed in jumbo patterns presented in over-scaled form. The resulting Neo Traditional direction is current yet grounded with timeless appeal.


Classic fabric designs — such as this marble pattern and flame stitch from Valdese Weavers — have been contemporized with new scale and fresh color palettes.

From upholstered sofas and ottomans to accent pillows and window treatments, fabric adds the personality to a room. Today’s fabric choices make it easier than ever to create a space that fits your lifestyle and reflects your unique character.
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Trisha McBride Ferguson is a trained interior designer, style editor and veteran of the home furnishing industry. If she’s not attending a furniture market or writing about style and décor, you’ll find her at the local paint store reviewing swatches for her own home.

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