5 Fab Finds at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair

By Jamie Gold


Barbados Anthracite Wallpaper

Photo: Mind the Gap

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair, better known as ICFF, brought its brand of luxurious design savvy to New York City’s Javits Convention Center in May. Everything from switches to showers, cabinetry to cabanas was represented on the expansive show floor. If you’re looking to outfit a new home — or enhance an existing one — this was the stylish place to be! Here are five fabulous finds worth considering for your new place.

1. Amuneal — The Collector’s Wall Hanging Shelving Unit

Amuneal not a name you’re likely to know, even though the company has been around for 53 years. Amuneal’s exceptional skill at fabricating products designs for designers and architects was on display at ICFF. So was their exceptional eye for very current style. Browse the custom fabrication section of their website, then ask your builder, architect or designer to work with the company on ordering your new cabinetry or shelving units.

Available: Yes/Special Order
Price Range: $7,125 with glass shelves as shown


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amuneal

2. Kreoo — Bubbles Freestanding Wash Basin
For the homeowner who wants a true statement piece for a powder room, Kreoo’s unique stone pedestal sink can deliver the look for sure! It’s available in 10 natural marbles, all created in Italy and all exported around the world. Of course, you could choose the Bubbles wash basin for your master suite, but then you’re probably going to need two of them. Either way, it’s going to make a dramatic focal point in whichever room you install it.

Available: Yes/Special Order
Price Range: $4,000 to $28,000-plus

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kreoo

3. Mind the Gap — Barbados Anthracite Wallpaper
Girls (and boys) who just want to have fun will enjoy this playful vintage-inspired but very modern wallpaper from Transylvania. Yes, that Transylvania! in the region in Romania is apparently as well known for its artisans as for its fictional vampires. (Who knew?) Mind the Gap makes its products from eco-friendly materials and supports the local community, so you can have your fun and feel good about it, too. Now, you may not want to wallpaper your entire master suite in this pattern, but it would make a really cool backdrop to an office, bookcase or powder room. 

Price Range: $190 to $200 per box (49 square feet)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of MINDTHEGAP team

4. Buster + Punch — Electricity Collection
Switches and outlets don’t have to be drab, though they have been for the most part since Edison invented the electric light bulb. Buster + Punch is out to change that. This London-born brand started in a garage making things like lighting, hardware, whiskey bars and custom motorcycles. The aesthetic is very much modern industrial meets man cave, but you don’t need an excess of testosterone to appreciate its biker-musician-street-inspired ethos. These room details can elevate the ordinary to absolutely delightful. The outlets, dimmers and toggle switches come in singles or doubles, even with USB ports, and in five slick finishes, including black, white and three metallics.

Available: Yes/Special Order
Price Range: $50to $155

Switches Buster Punch
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Buster + Punch

5. Philip Watts Design — Branch Door Handle
This door handle from Philip Watts Design is the type of detail that will stop you in your tracks, which is probably a good thing since it’s likely to be installed on a large, heavy door. It’s going to say to guests that this is the home of someone with modern, organic taste, someone who appreciates artistry and nature, someone who believes in first impressions. That’s not to say that it couldn’t be installed on the doors leading to your master suite or home office, but its finishes in all-weather brushed or polished aluminum, brass or bronze don’t limit where you can mount this handsome handle. 

Available: Yes/Special Order
Price Range: $760 to $1,398

Watt Design
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Philip Watts Design

Last words

While most of ICFF’s run was trade only, this is one of the few top design expos that features a public day when design fans can see the latest industry releases at the same time the pros do. Check out the details to attend next year if you’re in the New York area.

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Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS, MCTWC is a wellness design consultant, Certified Kitchen Designer and the author of the New Bathroom Idea Book and New Kitchen Ideas That Work, (Taunton Press). Jamie can be found online at jamiegold.net.

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