Hottest New Faucets for 2019

By Sanda Brown

It's all in the details. You can make a statement with a modern faucet or two.

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Make a bold design statement with a beautiful, on trend faucet in your dream kitchen. Instead of trying to make sink hardware disappear or bring back your grandmother’s dolphin faucet look, 2019’s trends for faucets are all about getting noticed for both form and function.

High Design and Specialty Sinks

On trend faucets in 2019 embrace the design elements that we have seen in furniture. Faucets with sleek lines and a sculptured look help elevate functional space—read: your sinks—into an exciting design feature. Beautiful faucets are a budget friendly splurge for your new home that pack a lot of visual punch.

Specialty sinks, tailored to your home’s aesthetic, complement exciting faucets and complete your look. Picture a statement-making, matte black sink, the always-charming farmhouse sink or a shiny metallic sink in your new home.

High-Impact Finishes

Faucet finishes are just as important as the shape. In 2019 we will see an influx of beautiful faucets that embrace lustrous metals and an eclectic style. If you are looking for the perfect faucet for your new home keep an eye out for:

  • Shiny finishes
  • Gold fixtures
  • Mixed metals (to accent the gold)

User-Friendly Features

On a functional note, 2019 faucet trends look to merge functionality with beauty. High-tech, user-friendly faucets make cooking and cleaning up easy thanks to features that:

  • Save water
  • Let you use the faucet hands free

Less technologically advanced faucets still highlight easy to use design, with elements like levers instead of knobs that allow you to use your elbow to turn on the tap if your hands are full or messy.

You use your faucets every single day. Taking the time to find a beautiful, on trend faucet adds the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen or bathroom, and gives you an enjoyable piece of functional luxury.

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